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September 7, 2012
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Untitled-8 by aditya777 Untitled-8 by aditya777
Random sketch..



Thanks for looking.
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hey aditya777, you entitle this piece of art as a "random sketch". however, the first thing that comes to my mind if i look at your artwork is that you created nothing like a random sketch; this is mere a full piece of art and i like your style, which can be sketchy from time to time, very much.

what do i like in this picture. your colour choice is really interesting; the only really light points on the skin are her shoulder and her face, whcih makes the face the focal point of the picture, and i think that is intended. her face is partly hidden by her hair and her eyes are masked by the shadows in her face, so this creates a sublte but string tension, creating a dark and siniyter look on her face and an interesting athmosphere.
this athmosphere is strengthened by the light point on her torso, whle the shadow work on her upper part of the body is really amazimg, i like the strong border of black shadow which once again supports her [in my view] dark and sinister look.
the limited colour palette really makes this girl melting into the background, creating the impression that she and her background belng together. sadly there is not a real background in the sense of a city or an agrarian envoronment which could also have these colours and would create some kind of story in this picture; i will explain this point further on.

she looks like an agile warrior, with her knifes held in a position that is ready for fighting in less than a second, but her arms rest in another and this position is also somewhat relaxed; she looks self confident this way, so you create the impression of a warrior girl who lives with having to fight a living, at least in my mind.

the scifi subject int his picture is really subtle. i did not take a long time to see her implanted parts in the skin, especially at her shoulder, since the colour contrast is worjked out really well on that parts with the red lamps shining through her skin. but this effect is painted as subtle that i really realised it in my mind not before i had looked at this picture a while. and i like that. it makes the picture really interesting and also rewards a viewer of this piece of art to look at it more than just a second; there are some thing to explore in it, to create some kind of athmosphere and tension and also there is an approach for story telling in tis picture.

who is she ? why soes she have to fight ? why does she have this implants, and what the hell makle these implants apart from looking cool scifi techy ?

questions of whcih i am interested in knowing tha answer, but because these aspects in this picture are not explained further, i think this si the only weak point i have to mention. in this aspect this picture really is a random sketch, there is not further information given of this girl, which would make this piece of work even more interesting and fully original. i would be happy if you take this ciritque in a way that you explore the depths of possibilities in which this girl can be drawn further, if you really make a character out of her. she can have a name, she can have a backstory and she can have aims that she want to achieve.

at least you made me interested in creating a character and interestied in this special character, and if you do not explore this character further, maybe i will do, even though my painting skills are not as good as yours. hence this picture made some kind of impact on me.

that said, i do not have an idea how to improve your work in addition to the fact that i think you should make more out f this piece which you entitled as "random". it does deserve more than being only a random sketch :).

ok, that were my thoughts that came to my mind, it is not all what i had in mind about this picture, but the important things are written down :D.
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Wicked pretty!
She remembers me to a character of Resident Evil... she's awesome ( the picture)
ales-kotnik Nov 13, 2012  Student Digital Artist
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Why doesn't nobody comment your artwork!??!?!?!? It's so amazing and no one leave comment :O
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