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February 11, 2013
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Untitled-13 by aditya777 Untitled-13 by aditya777

for fun, photoshop cs2 + wacom tablet, 2 hours,
thanks for looking.
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This work, like most of the images from this artist, isn't taken in exactly the same by all viewers. Such is stated in no way, shape or form as disrespect nor disregard for the artist's work. It is, honestly, a compliment to the grandest degree for aditya777. This takes the viewer to see where the image is allowed to take them. Though, the primary basis is the apparent plantlife. Yet, it coyly doesn't have plant basis. It houses lower limbs resembling legs, and an upper half resembling southern or tropical trees. The combination blurs the line of simple understanding. Such a blur, truthfully, is a mark of brilliance. Brilliantly, the cloudy cluster amongst the middle of this questionable figure offers the appropriate seperation between the two halves(upper & lower) that you look at to base your understanding of the picture towards something in your own reality. Though, in the basis of reality, some plants semi-split themselves and fully reconnect. As well as other plants conjoiningly combines together with another plant to make one cohesive living organism. Even with the fact that the actual "connection" portion is covered up by the aforementioned cloudy covering. So, it opens the door as to if the plants actually are even connected or merely "crossing" one another. Since, of course, the plant[s] seperate out of the covering, too. Whether it is one of those such plant types or not is up to your personal beholding of this structure. With the easily visible brush strokes upon canvas actually adding more subtle mystic appeal to the whole thing. The wisps of wind throughout the picture enhances said mystic allure of the image. Be it a plant, a combination of plants, a person/being elaborately disguised as a plant or one of your own interpretations, this picture is worth a thousand words every time you glance/look towards it. Cheers for the creation of this, aditya777.
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jerryhankins Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome, Dancing Movement
GiovannyArce Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Love it, are you using artrage too?
DshawnC Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm definitely seeing a chaotic Marilyn Monroe here. While Marilyn seems more at peace in the classic "Dress Upward Breeze" photo, this figure seems to be more uneasy about it. I'm sensing more of a "pain" feel. I hiding/ protecting.
Cabres Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013
I love this work. It reminds me of a relationship: family, personal and professional. Reminds me due to the constant guessing of, "Are they together or aren't they?" Really great work, my friend.

Fav'd, as you should know.
yogosariah Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013  Student Photographer
i think that you sould define the face more i could bairly tell that it was suposed to be humanistic from afar it looks like a tree with clowds around the middle if that's the look you are going fore than awesome. (sorry a bout the spelling)
ink-wing-art Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013   Digital Artist
how do you get the effect of oil paints? i've been experimenting on photoshop quite a bit, but i still can't manage the painted effect.
McThalom Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
This is aboslutely gorgeous
jet7ST Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
Your work never ceases to amaze.
BrokenShell121 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
Looks very much like a real painting!
SydneyAssbucket Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2013
Wow. The white strokes have so much texture, I thought for sure it was actual paint and canvas.
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