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April 24, 2010
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Female Knight by aditya777 Female Knight by aditya777
Tutorial > [link]

Thanks for viewing, have a nice day =)
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I really appreciate the technique used on this piece, the reflection on the amour is particularly well done. I think that a little more more sharpness, particularly on the sword sheath, would have been nice. The bottom right hand corner looks a little muddled and some sharper lines would have made the individual components stand out more.

There was one element that I found to be a little weak. The breastplate she is wearing is not functional. There is a specific piece of armour called a gorget which protects the neck and part of the solar plexus, which is missing in this piece. One of her most critical areas, her throat and chest, are exposed which would never be a design of armor. It does look 'sexier' to have some cleavage, but my immersion of trying to view this as a 'real' person is broken.
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So i think you were trying for it to be an anime character but her face realy does not look very anime but i see lots of elements, so i would actually say make it more anime, i am an anime lover so that is my opinion. also the armor is a bit unreal for a knight, i know about sexy, but protection for a medieval knight is far more important than having your oppenent looking at clevage, lol, but to me i am not a perv so go with the origional knight armor, you can still make it a female style armor with the same protection.

[link] yes it is Joan De' Arc from BladeStorm 100 years war very sexy, yet protective, but nice work.
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Nice xD
Truly amazing.
This helped me get past my writer's block :)
TheLadyHilarious Dec 6, 2010  Student General Artist
theclumsyninja Nov 8, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
very nice indeed
the 2 tings i like the most knight... no wait that doesn't sound good xd
let me put it different
female knight are better then the male ones :p
just look at claymore good example
Probably my favourite female fantasy figure of all time, beautiful work.
It just shows how strong girls can really be.
Shui26 Aug 29, 2010  Student Writer
Iunno what it is, something about women and armor go so well together. ;P Faving for using it as a ipod backround.
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