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61RL5 N 6UN5 - 15 by aditya777 61RL5 N 6UN5 - 15 by aditya777
practicepracticepractice.. photoshop cs, no layer..


Thanks for looking :)
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Continuing on your travels you come across a very old looking building during the night of a very strong thunderstorm. Its outward visage was reminiscent of old warehouses or storage buildings you saw back in the cities. Thinking it would be a suitable place to camp for the time being you quickly take refuge inside as protection for the coming storms. You enter and close the door, only to be shrouded in a blanket of darkness from within. The cold dripping of oil and fluids resonate through the dark like blood dripping from a slain warrior. As you move slowly through this unknown dwelling, you feel the walls slowly for a light switch. Your fingers brush through dust and cobwebs, inching forward more and more until you finally find a lever of some kind upon the wall. You struggle for a moment, but you manage to pull down the rusted lever and activate the power within the room. The lights slowly flicker on within the area creating a rather dim but suitable light source for your needs. While you didn't expect to have , what you see within the light...isn't something you expected to find in this dark structures. Throughout the walls were blood streams and limbs along the walls and structures, some were even bloody hand prints streaked across as if there were a struggle here. Various surgical tools and small tables were also scattered about each with a familiar shine of blood upon their edges. However with all that appeared before you, the biggest surprise came in the form of a large tube like structure in the center of the room, surrounded by small latches and mechanical clamps. Just as you start to back away from it, the translucent glass begins to rise as the various clamps and locks disengage. You are then shown to a mysterious mechanical construct that was nothing that you had never seen before. A cybernetic female stood before you as her metallic body shined briefly underneath the dimming light of the crumbling structure. Various layers of mesh, wires and metals intertwined with her remaining flesh and bone, created a rather menacing appearance. However, upon her crown sat a rather powerful pulse/assault rifle with a sharpened bayonet at the tip. As you look closer, a glowing reticule lit up on her face and the being came to life. 61RL5 N 6UN5 15, created by aditya777, ads another interesting concept to his 61RL5 N 6UN5 collection of artwork and this one is definitely one to stand out from the rest as it really take this concept literally.

I have to say that the style of the design is what immediately got my attention from the beginning when I laid eyes upon it. The sleek and sharp appearance of the female subject really stands out in this area and jumps right off the screen for the viewer and right into their imaginations. The detailing carries a nice touch to it as well, presenting more to the overall personality of the design and the style in itself. Shading also gives the appearance of brushed metal a more subtle feeling to it without the creation appearing to be over shined and gleaming like a light. While color usage is a bit limited, it still doesn't do that much to distract from the overall quality of the design itself.

However, there are a few things that could still be done to take this piece to the next level. For example, while the detailing certainly shows improvement on the artist's part, there could still be a bit more done to it. Some parts such as the lower torso and the assault rifle still carry the appearance of having solid lines in the composition and could really use a bit more detailing such as a few running lights on the side of the gun as well as a few switches to make it stand out more than it does in its current state. As for the figure of the woman, it looks good, but a few studies of finer muscle detail wouldn't hurt its appearance either. Another thing I would suggest would be to expand on the location of the machine character. Perhaps even draw an unsuspecting character coming toward it and sporty a look of horror as the automaton stares him down as it just activates. You could even expand on the location, sporting more damaged machinery strewn about and destroyed in the area around it. Just keep working with everything in this piece and keep experimenting with what you have and it would really help out the styling of the piece and make it that much larger than it is.

From automatons to mechanized creations and hot girls with guns there's no telling what the artistic mind will inspire us to create upon the canvas. With each creation we create and design, we get one step closer to that artistic beauty we all want to capture in our work. 61RL5 N 6UN5 15 is a display of how one can keep getting closer and closer to what they seek in their artwork and style by further refining their craft. The style is attractive and carries the sleek appearance as the cyborg depicted, the atmosphere carries a strong artificial silence as if sealed from the world itself and the detailing still carries that look the artist has placed into each of his works that makes them so eye-catching. Good job Aditya! :clap:
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Critique by emilyl233 Jul 1, 2011, 8:44:50 AM
I enjoy this. Looks like something strait out of an action movie or video game. No questions asked.
However, I think that if the background was a teal or lighter blue, it would have made the character pop more. This character looks deadly, and I certainly would not want to get in her path if she is mad.
The thing that stands out the most in this is the headgear, especially the knife-like blade at the end. That just looks mutinously devastating, in a good way.
On the headgear though, I think it would have looked better without that extra piece on the very back of it, that is just kind of sticking out there.
I enjoy the fact that you cannot see the eyes. So you don't know who she looking at, or who she is going to attack.
Her pose is also nice. A perfect sideshot. She is standing as if she is the alpha, or has a great sense of confidence, which made the experience of looking at this better.
I've seen many things similar to this though, so I cannot say it is original.
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Moreno-A88 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Southindies Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014
A cyborg weapon woman...yes, good.
ales-kotnik Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012  Student Digital Artist
awesome job
M-J-Gagne Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I love the concept. What I especially like is that despite how little you see of the human side of her, she still reflects humanity. Her femininity also has powerful presence. She still exudes a certain sexuality.
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July 1, 2011
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